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Welcome to Aloha Coaching – Coaching for Stress and Personal Development

Aloha is the Hawaiian word for welcome. It’s used for hello and goodbye. and it also means love. The love of friends, or lovers, spiritual love, universal love: unconditional love.

Aloha coaching is coaching for the heart, from the heart. For your heart, from mine.

I help people who are suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or unhappiness to climb out of the pit of overwhelm or misery or confusion or lostness. When you’re in there it can seem as if there’s no way out. It can be frightening, even terrifying. And often our friends and loved ones don’t know how to help us. My job is to shine the light to help you find the ladder, and then help you climb up it, out of the darkness into your own light.

If you feel you’ve lost your sense of purpose – your ‘oomph’ – or that something’s missing in your life, or your own personal development is important to you, then I can help you with that too.

My work is practical. I’m not here to rescue you, although I’ll hold out a safety net if you need one, and I certainly can’t do it for you. I’m here to help you help yourself, because that’s empowering and it means you can sustain a sense of well-being over the rest of your life. I ‘ll teach you tools and techniques that you can use for yourself to accelerate your journey and develop a new state of mind.

I’ve been in the pit and learned how to climb out of it. I’ve learned how to heal myself. If you would like my help so you can help yourself to discover the joy in your life, then put your details into the contact form, so we can arrange to speak.

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